Dave Wieneke


Dave Wieneke is a popular panelist and presenter at conferences because he challenges established thinking with ideas that are insightful, practical, infused by experience and backed up by data. He is an accomplished designer, who published a successful chain of technology magazines and knows the technology industry of the inside out.

Dave puts teams, technology and techniques together to make the kind of marketing that changes markets. As a management consultant who specializes in digital marketing, Dave has architected systems, recruited talented teams, and helped them make $20M in smart digital investments. He get's the whole digital marketing ecosystem.

Today he helps brands connect personally to customers through social media, making smarter use of marketing technology, and building firms’ brand positions through publishing and events.

If you want to add a “front line” voice to your conference or seminar, Dave is ready to inspire, entertain and elevate your gathering. To find out more continue reading, or give us a call at (617) 213-8603 to get in touch with Dave.